Powering the Abundance Economy

Building the decentralized economy for digital content and public goods

Expanding the Scope of the Economy

The Abundance Protocol strives to expand the scope of the economy, so that everyone can make a living by making meaningful contributions to society - even when these contributions are not properly valued within the market economy.

Rewarding Collaboration & Creativity

In the market economy, you get no benefit from others using your ideas without your permission - so you need to put extra effort into protecting your intellectual property.

The abundance economy allows permissionless use of intellectual property, while rewarding original creators for every derivative work - thus promoting collaboration and free flow of ideas.

Investing in Public Goods

The protocol is effective at capturing the value of public goods, it also allows users to request funding for creating public goods project, in exchange for a share of the project's returns - thus creating a self-sustaining economy for public goods.

Open Source Revolution

Our vision is to allow any developer to work on any open source project and be rewarded according to their contribution.

By incentivizing quality and collaboration we will be able to create a rich and deeply integrated open source ecosystem like we've never seen before.

Scientific Renaissance

The Abundance Protocol creates a mechanism for people to invest in scientific research, in return for a share of the impact the research makes.

This novel economic paradigm may lead to the next breakthroughs in cancer research or fundamental physics.

Mapping Humanity's Knowledge

The Abundance Protocol makes it easy for anyone to see the credibility and relatedness of digital information.

Thus, as projects are reviewed, the protocol produces an ever-growing network of humanity's knowledge.


What is the Abundance Protocol

The Abundance Protocol is a decentralized, blockchain-powered digital economy that works based on a Proof-of-Value mechanism.

It values any digital content (open-source projects, articles, videos, social media posts, etc.) based on the credibility and relative importance of the content, thus creating a viable economic model for public goods.


Transforming the Internet (and the Economy)

The Abundance Protocol has far-reaching implications in the digital space; it opens the door to incredible progress and innovation in content creation, and may serve as a powerful engine of growth for the broader economy.

Social Media

In the current ratings-based social media environment the most extreme, controversial, polarizing and outrageous posts tend to grab the most attention, and therefore dominate the conversation. The protocol offers an alternative paradigm that promotes civil discourse and truthfulness. (read more)

Track Record

One of the built-in features of the Abundance Protocol is the ability to see the track record of posts an author makes (either related to a particular post, topic, or overall). This feature allows people to more easily determine the reliability of analysts and commentators who make predictions in fields such as finance, politics, sports and so on. (read more)

Open Source

There is currently no viable business model for developers to make money directly off of their open-source projects. Certainly, there are ways for developers to make money around the open-source project (paid support, Open Core, selling additional features, and so on), but none of these are based on developers profiting from the open-source project directly. (read more)

Scientific Research

The Abundance protocol offers an alternative to government grants and paywalled scientific journals in scientific research. It allows scientists to directly profit from their research (based on its accuracy and importance to the public), and receive funding from other users through the protocol's investment mechanism. (read more)


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