Abundance Protocol solves two fundamental problems in our economy: market failures in public goods and negative externalities

Abundance Paradigm


What can Abundance do:

Earn money while doing what you love

Abundance strives for a world where everyone can make a living while working for the benefit of humanity. It's the world's first exchange for public and common goods.

Sustainable funding of communities & DAOs

Abundance's economic infrastructure helps communities thrive. It offers a framework for funding, coordinating, and incentivizing public resource development.

Open Source Revolution

Our vision is to allow any developer to work on any open source project and be rewarded according to their contribution. Creating a rich and deeply integrated open source ecosystem like we've never seen before.

Blockchain Progressive Superalignment

The potential of blockchains to improve lives is hindered today by coin speculation and digital tribalism. Abundance aligns researchers and developers to work on impactful problems, creating cross-project alignment and progress for all.

Scientific Renaissance

The Abundance Protocol creates a mechanism for people to invest in scientific research, in return for a share of the impact the research makes.

This novel economic paradigm may lead to the next breakthroughs in cancer research or fundamental physics.

Mapping Humanity's Knowledge

The Abundance Protocol makes it easy for anyone to see the credibility and relatedness of digital information.

Thus, as projects are reviewed, the protocol produces an ever-growing network of humanity's knowledge.


What is the Abundance Protocol

Currently, our economy is extremely effective at creating feedback loops for the creation of consumer products and services. However, it disincentivizes creating goods that benefit everyone (public and common goods), since their creation consumes resources but has no exchange value in the market.

The market also incentivizes the creation of negative externalities, since shifting the cost of production onto the public lowers costs for the business.

Abundance Protocol is a blockchain-based Proof-of-Impact consensus mechanism that was developed to solve the fundamental problems of negative externalities and public goods in our economy.

It does so by giving common and public goods an exchange value through its consensus mechanism - thus creating a positive feedback loop for public and common goods (and negative feedback loop for negative externalities).

Find out more in the Abundance Protocol Whitepaper


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