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How MakerDAO can contribute to AI Alignment + ' image'
With the development of Maker's Governance AI Tools (GAIT) we have an opportunity to support the wider ecosystem through open source AI. Perhaps a more significant contribution to the public good however is the potential to showcase how crypto can help in solving AI alignment. It is also an opportunity to experiment with innovative models for subDAO funding and governance.
How to Prevent an AI Dystopia? + ' image'
Solving the problem of AI alignment
Introducing Abundance Protocol + ' image'
The world's superalignment layer
Abundance Roadmap: Everywhere All at Once + ' image'
Abundance Protocol's vision for a superaligned crypto ecosystem.
Is Crypto the Ultimate Universal Coordination Mechanism? + ' image'
How do we solve the biggest challenges facing humanity? From environmental degradation to chronic diseases, the crisis of trust in institutions, food and water security, and so on, the main limiting factor is not the lack of resources or people to solve these problems, but the lack of an effective Universal Coordination Mechanism (UCM) to align people's incentives at the largest scale toward solutions.
How Crypto Can Fix Social Media + ' image'
If you spend enough time on social media you begin to wonder if these platforms were intentionally designed to keep people angry and divided. We don't ask for much from social media; connecting with friends and family, getting useful information, having civilized conversations, sharing opinions and ideas, and so on that is what we want. Simple, right? But what we get is the polar opposite: fighting with strangers, too much misinformation and lies, incessant outrage, hate and hyperpolarization.
WTF is the DePub, and Why You should Care + ' image'
WTF is the DePub (and Why You should Care) There are currently over 97 zettabytes of data online that is roughly three gigabytes of data for every dollar of US national debt. Within this tremendous mountain of data somewhere between old high school photos, junk email and the occasional tweet lies nearly all of human knowledge. Now how much of this knowledge is actually correct, how much of it is faulty knowledge that relies on questionable sources or fictitious assumptions, and how much of it...
How Crypto Can Transform the Economy and Government + ' image'
How can crypto and blockchain technology completely upend our economy and politics? If we wanted to visualize all the political ideologies up to the present moment from Anarcho-capitalism to communism and everything in between, including democratic socialism, mixed economy, laissez faire capitalism, and so on and how they relate to the economy, how would we do it? Perhaps the most salient representation would be a Venn diagram with one circle representing the market economy and another circle ...
How Crypto Solves the Problem of Public Goods (Whitepaper) + ' image'
Toward a Decentralized Abundance Economy Download and read Abundance Protocol: A Decentralized Solution to the Problem of Public Goods whitepaper PDF here Abstract: a value-preserving coin issuance mechanism, supported by an on-chain domain-specific reputation system, would allow contributors to public goods projects to be compensated proportionately to the economic impact of their work. All participants in the ecosystem have an economic incentive to preserve the value of their currency while ma...
Web 4.0: The Future is Open Source + ' image'
The Web 4.0 vision for Open Source extends far beyond merely making open source projects economically viable it is about creating an Open Source Ecosystem that could rival and surpass anything built on the proprietary software business model. We previously discussed
Mofi’s Story: Decentralize Art + ' image'
Mofi was not surprised that her art was desired and even popular. What she didn't like however was how market forces were influencing artists all around her, and beginning to creep into her own work as well. Her dad once told her Just like gravity bends space-time around it, money is a force that distorts people's behavior around itself.
Mofi’s Story: Economically Unchained + ' image'
Mofi knew it wouldn't be easy. The creative process was never easy for her. First was the internal struggle. She always had at least half a dozen ideas bumping around in her head, and she had to figure out how to share those with the world. What form would they take? It was a process of both delicate refinement and incredible waste at least according to the countless crumpled sketches and notes scattered all over her small makeshift studio in her family home. But she always found a way to creat...
Web 4.0: Building a Digital Economy of Abundance + ' image'
What if we built a digital economy based on abundance instead of scarcity? The first thing they teach you in any introductory economics course is that we have limited resources but unlimited wants. When resources are scarce people compete for them, and in extreme cases even fight or go to war for them. But scarcity as a basic economic problem has long been resolved in the market economy; the market allocates scarce resources through an exchange mechanism according to the laws of supply and deman...
How the Ratings & Attention Economy Corrupts Everything + ' image'
How Ratings Corrupt Everything Here is one simple fact that you never hear about in the media: if you have a million people watching a show with a well-researched piece of investigative journalism, and a million people watching a show with totally made up conspiracy theories, both shows could be making about the same amount of money from advertising.